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How to Restore a Brown Lawn

In order to restore a lawn to its green glory, you first need to know what the problem is. Brown, brittle grass might not be a sign of underwatering; there could be bigger issues at play. What’s Wrong With My

Best Lawn Treatment

lawn care professional fertilizing grass

The best lawn treatment is the one specifically formulated for your type of grass and your climate. Utah lawn service provider Lawngveity can help you determine what your lawn needs, and when. Lawn Fertilizer Not all lawns thrive on the

Common Pests That Affect Your Lawn

lawncare professional spraying for pests

Each spring the flowers begin to bloom, bugs begin to invade. Pest control is an essential service for homeowners and renters across Utah. Box elder bugs, ants, and all manner of critters have been known to sneak their way into

Lawn Mowing Myths to Ignore

Lawn mower cutting fresh, green grass.

Hypnotic and Happy It is a well-documented fact that lawn care programs, whether initiated by a professional crew like Lawngevity or simply picked up as part of the weekend chores by a member of the household, are a great way