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For over a century, Utah has been known as the rose that blossomed in the desert; a beautiful sanctuary where people can set out for adventures across the country or across the ocean. Truly, it is no longer just the crossroads of the West, but of the entire world. A state as lovely as Utah represents what hard work and dedication can accomplish, even in an unaccommodating locale﹘every full tree and emerald patch of grass is a victory. 

In light of all that Utah represents then, to risk its capital city becoming more industrialized at the expense of the nature that made it famous would be a great loss. At Lawngevity, we have the tools, the experience, and the passion to ensure that every home and business with trees and a yard can keep Salt Lake City looking beautiful, regardless of its urbanization initiatives.

Salt Lake City Landscaping

For the pioneers, irrigation was the linchpin in taming the unruly desert to become the green and luscious oasis that it is today. Now that that work has been done and the city is expanding, Lawngevity can help keep landscaping a viable and enjoyable option by helping properties remain green and bug-free. Our services include: 

Through frequent and systematic application of our fertilizers, we can guarantee a healthy yard worthy of Salt Lake City and our clients’ high standards. By using the special offers found on our website, we can even help lower the overall cost of our services over the weeks that we’ll be servicing the residential and commercial properties that hire us. 


Our Location

In order to better serve the people of Salt Lake City, we have set up an office to help manage our neighbors’ needs there. For those who are interested in restoring the health of their yard (either due to winter recovery or harmful vegetation and disease), or who simply want to make sure that their property is always looking its best, we can set up a treatment rotation a number of different ways; potential clients can contact us at 801.618.2785, fill out a form on our website, or visit us at our office. We are located at

930 W 100 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

We are anxious to lend our expertise to the upkeep of your residential or commercial property and in turn, do our part to beautify Utah’s capital.