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Down With Dandelions: How to Permanently Eliminate Pesky Weeds

Sure, dandelions may bring joy to small children and make some delicious dishes and teas— Underneath their pretty yellow facade, though, they sneakily steal away precious resources from their surrounding community.

If you find some of these shady plant citizens in your yard, it’s time to stand up for your other greenery by making a plan to permanently take them down. They can be quite resilient, so it is important to get a lawn care professional on your side as you go to war. 

Three tactics should be used in conjunction in order to counterattack the yellow soldiers on your soil. Depending on the severity of your dandelion invasion, it might take a few consecutive seasons to fully take them down. 

Skillfully and diligently spray an herbicide, hand-dig them out, and apply a pre-emergent…and you’re sure to win!

Halt Growth — Spray an Herbicide

Herbicides are a highly effective form of weed warfare, especially against dandelions that haven’t yet flowered. To keep your grass and local ecosystem safe from this chemical weapon, though, it is important to hire a professional to spray it for you. 

As long as an herbicide is applied at the most auspicious time and in the correct amount, it should at least take down all the dandys who haven’t yet reached their full glory!

Eliminate Existing Dandelions — Dig by Hand

A more time-consuming way to combat a dandelion army is to pull them by hand. It is best to perform this method as soon as they emerge, although digging out mature plants can still be somewhat effective.

When digging out a dandelion, it is crucial to take out its entire taproot— or else one will spring straight back up out of the same spot at a later date! ‘Dandelion diggers’ and other similar tools are available at the garden armory (home improvement store), and they can help smooth out and expedite this process. 

Prevent Germination — Apply a Pre-Emergent

A pre-emergent prevents the next generation of seeds from germinating—so you’ll have fewer dandelions to deal with next season! A lawn and yard care expert should apply this chemical in late winter, catching them right before they get a chance to soak up the springtime showers and sun. 

To more easily win your war against germination, do not let any existing dandelions reach their seeding stage. A professional can determine the perfect time frame! The less seeds you have to tackle, the easier it will be to be the pride of your neighborhood for years to come.

At Lawngevity, we have already helped countless Utah residents do away with dandelions and acquire the most beautiful yard on the block. On the other side of your war with dandelions, the grass is a whole lot greener!
Stop dangerous weeds and diseases from stealing space, water, and nutrients from your precious grass and other plants— Tell them to stay off your turf by calling Lawngevity today!

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