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In terms of property management, there is no better feeling than knowing that the luscious quality of your landscape has improved. Not only does this raise the curb appeal of your home or business, but seeing trees﹘sprouted with leaves and dancing in the wind﹘on a lawn of emerald grass is proven to improve one’s mood. Imagine then, that this idyllic situation exists not just for your property but for all the homes and businesses in your area. That is what we desire for South Jordan.

For a city that is growing by leaps and bounds every year, an influx of new homes means an influx of new neighbors. This raises the scrutiny of every existing property in the city, as fresh eyes take an appraising look at their new home. A greener South Jordan, with fresh lawns, fewer bugs and pests, and the absence of floral disease, means a place one can take pride in﹘a place as well suited to raising a family as to spending one’s golden years.

South Jordan Landscaping

Happily, the full complement of our services is available to South Jordan, comprising of work on grass, trees and shrubbery, and pest control. By utilizing our special offer when signing up for multiple applications of our powerful fertilizers, our clients can expect a noticeably greener property all year long at a lower price. Our complete list of services include:

At every turn, our professional team of experts is not only servicing the entirety of your landscape but keeping an eye out for problem areas that could quickly become widespread. For us, it’s not enough to keep South Jordan green but to help it stay healthy as well. 

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Our Location

As one of the cities where we have an office located, we take personal pride in the lawns and trees of South Jordan’s residential and commercial landscapes. In order to set up an initial consultation and establish a servicing schedule, we can either be contacted by phone at 801.618.3020 or visited in person at our office. We are located at

11229 S Brook N Lance

South Jordan, UT 84095

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help get your yard back into blue ribbon territory.