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Lawngevity has created the Lawngevity Do It Yourself Program by customizing it to your lawn size. This eliminates waste by purchasing exactly the amount of fertilizer you need. No more guessing, not more deciding which products to buy. We’ve selected some of the best products and consolidated them into one simple program.

Do It Yourself Program

  • Fertilizer: 5 applications of our custom-made Lawngevity Ultra Supreme Fertilizer which contains all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lawn (Potassium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Iron).
  • Pre-Emergent: To prevent crabgrass and spurge.
  • Weed Control: to help rid your lawn of pesky weeds.

The Do It Yourself Program can save you up to 40% per year.

No need to be a lawn expert, we’ve taken our 30+ years of experience as a company and created this program to help you make your lawn look its best. The Do It Yourself Program is easy to use and simple to follow.

Min price: $162.00 (Pricing varies depending on lawn size.)

Instructions included. Free delivery in the Salt Lake Area