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Raise your mowing height 2 1/2 to 3 inches. This will help..

  • A. Develop a Healthier, deeper root system
  • B. Utilize Nutrients in the soil
  • C. Create more Shade
  • E. Use less water
  • E. Choke out weeds
  • F. Maintain a deeper, more even color;


We live in a desert - your lawn needs water. By watering properly, you will have...

  • A. Fewer brown spots
  • B. Less insect damage
  • C. A healthier, stronger lawn
  • D. Fewer Weeds

Fertilization & weed control

Fertilization and weed control: Lawns need to be fed regularly. Benefits for timely applications...

  • A. Constant nourishment for root systems
  • B. Fewer Weeds
  • C. A healthier, stronger lawn
  • D. A deeper, more even color