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Having green and luscious foliage on your property is a treat that comes with numerous benefits, some less apparent than others. Of course, the presence of trees is good for the environment and is aesthetically pleasing but did you know that well-kept trees will raise your property value? On average residential properties will sell at a full 7-10% higher price, while a building lot will go for 18-20% higher. The same is true for rental properties, like apartments and office buildings, which can demand higher rents based on the presence of beautiful trees. And then there are the intangible benefits of trees, like a reduction in stress, blood pressure, and feelings of dissatisfaction.

With all that trees can do for us, it’s only natural to wonder how we can return the favor and take care of them, too. Luckily, our team of lawn care professionals has the answer.

Tree and Shrub Spray

When it comes to maintaining your greenery, using the right formula of spray at the right time is critical to extending their lifespan and raising the general health of your landscape altogether. Not only do we use particular fertilizers to maximize the lifespan of your trees and shrubs, but we also use special formulae to drive away insects and plant disease. With the right tools and smart calendaring, we can ensure a long and healthy life for your plants. 

A breakdown of our services includes:

Early Spring – Dormant Oil Spray: This is applied as a preventative insect control to smother overwintering eggs. 

Spring – Insect and Disease Control: Insect and disease damage varies in severity year to year, but these applications can help minimize the overall effects.

Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall – Insect Control: Dealing with insects requires coverage and repetition. Because certain insects are more volatile during certain months of the year, our team will schedule with you to return periodically and do a comprehensive spray of your property.

Winterizer – Deep Root Fertilization: As the year rolls on, your soil can become nutrient-deprived. Our special deep root fertilizer will help rejuvenate your ground to benefit your trees and shrubs before the frost sets in.

Each of these applications adds up to seven times a year (4-6 weeks apart), with a notification that we’re on our way before each service. All of our team members are licensed and insured professionals.

Treating trees and shrubs