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Aspen leaf spot and anthracnose are two common fungal diseases that affect trees in the aspen genus. These diseases infect leaves, shoots, twigs, and branches of trees and cause yellow or brown spots on the foliage. Severe infestations can lead to leaf drop and defoliation of entire branches.  Anthracnose often results in cankers on branches, which are places where parts of the branch die off. Proper pruning and sanitation of affected trees are essential to control these diseases and help prevent further spread.

Insects such as bark beetles, sawflies, and woolly adelgids also feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs. Bark beetles bore through the bark to feed on inner tissue, while sawfly larvae eat away at the foliage. Woolly adelgids create a white waxy substance on their bodies that coats needles or leaves. In severe infestations, the foliage of a tree or shrub may become totally covered. Pruning and removal of affected branches are essential for controlling these pests, as well as prompt treatment with insecticidal products.

To control this disease, Lawngevity can apply a tree and shrub spray that provides protection from susceptible tree and shrub diseases.