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Tree & Shrub Insects

Tree and shrub insects can often be overlooked, but they are an essential part of a healthy lawn. Many of these insects, such as aphids, leafhoppers, and scale, can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. If left unchecked, these insects can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to your trees and shrubs. Fortunately, proper Tree care and maintenance can help prevent these types of insects from causing extensive damage.

One way to control tree and shrub insects is by utilizing insecticides. Insecticides can be applied directly to the foliage of trees and shrubs, or sprayed over the entire area where the pests are present. This will allow for better pest control coverage that will reduce their population on your trees. Additionally, it’s important to remove any fallen leaves or debris from the area, as these may contain insect eggs.

Additionally, regular inspections of your trees and shrubs can help you quickly identify any potential pest problems. 

By taking steps to prevent insect damage on your trees and shrubs, you can help ensure your landscape remains beautiful and healthy for years to come.