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Taking a drive around Murray, Utah, one is sure to see a particular sign pop up periodically on their route. These signs are tokens of an initiative from the National Arbor Day Foundation and are earned by cities that have dedicated themselves to the care and proliferation of all things green and natural within their jurisdiction. Since 1977, Murray has held the distinction of being a Tree City USA town.

At Lawngevity, we appreciate the dedication of city officials to keep Murray City looking green and beautiful for so long, and have similarly dedicated ourselves to servicing Murray homes and businesses for as long as we are able. For over 30 years, our goal has been to transform our clients’ lawns into the standard-bearer for healthy landscapes for all who see them. This requires systematic application of our proprietary fertilizers and bug sprays, while our team of professionals keeps an eye out for trouble areas that need extra attention.

Murray Lawn Care

Much like the city council enacting specialized municipal initiatives in order to keep Murray on the rare “Tree City USA” list, we at Lawngevity use the tools that we possess to help our neighbors keep their property looking beautiful and fresh. Our Murray lawn care services include:

  • Custom Fertilizer with Iron
  • Weed Control for Specific Weeds (such as dandelions and morning glory)
  • Pre-Emergent to Control Crabgrass and Spurge
  • Regular Applications Every 4-6 Weeks (totaling seven per year)
  • Notification Before Each Application
  • Application Performed by a Professionally Licensed and Insured Individual

Murray Insect Control

Keep the bugs at bay with Lawngevity’s pest control services in Murray. We treat the exterior of your home to deter bugs from getting inside, and our Murray insect control offerings include:

  • Treating Window Wells
  • Treating Garage Doors
  • Up to 7 Applications, March-November (4-6 weeks apart)
  • Notification Before Each Application
  • Application Performed by a Professionally Licensed and Insured Individual

Murray Tree & Shrub Spray

Is your yard part of what makes Murray Tree City USA? Let us help keep trees and shrubs healthy so they can provide you with beauty and shade every year. Murray tree & shrub care is designed to include:

  • Dormant Oil Spray
    Applied in early spring as preventative insect control and to smother overwintering eggs
  • Insect and Disease Control
    Applied spring through fall to minimal overall effects of existing infections or infestations
  • Deep Root Fertilization
    Applied in fall to rejuvenate the ground and provide nourishment to trees and shrubs before winter
  • Regular Applications Every 4-6 Weeks (totaling seven per year)
  • Notification Before Each Application
  • Application Performed by a Professionally Licensed and Insured Individual

Lawngevity’s Maintenance Program

Our maintenance program means you’re never left wondering about the state of your lawn. We offer routine applications of specific lawn care services so we can either A) prevent problems before they have a chance to pop up or B) eradicate problems efficiently.

The highlights of lawn care maintenance from Lawngevity include:

  • Scheduled Applications Every 4-6 Weeks (totaling seven per year)
  • Notification Before Each Application
  • Application Performed by a Professionally Licensed and Insured Individual
  • Customized Fertilizers and Weed Control Sprays for the Greenest and Most Weed-Free Lawn Possible
  • Free Service Calls with Our Regular Program

Learn more about the types of maintenance programs we offer HERE.

Regardless of which maintenance services our clients sign up for, we utilize a comprehensive multi-stage application process to ensure your yard is protected and healthy. Plus, we have special offers on our website to help mitigate the overall cost of our services. 

Our Location

We are happy to operate a headquarters in Murray, which makes it easier for our team members to do their rounds to each of our client’s homes in the area. If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, or you would like to schedule a series of appointments for us to come out and service your yard, feel free to call us at 801-618-2793 or visit our office. We’re located at:

4770 Commerce Dr.
Murray, UT 84107

We look forward to hearing from you and helping keep Murray a haven for healthy foliage always. 

Recognition for Lawngevity

While we could let the results speak for themselves, we do have awards and testimonials to back up our work.

BBB A+ Rating
Better Business Bureau A+ rating since 2014

What Customers Are Saying About Lawngevity

Catherine Foster
Catherine Foster
February 13, 2023
Lawngevity was amazing! For years we had incredible problems with dandelions and dead spots that required intense manual corrective care. Within the first year of using Lawngevity, we had only a handful of weeds and a more evenly nourished lawn. After the second year, all lawn care was a breeze — even with the intense Utah heat. I appreciated their techs respect of our property and timeliness and communication of services. We were just tenants of the rental property but really felt proud to take care of our lawn with Lawngevity!
Mark Hunsaker
Mark Hunsaker
September 18, 2022
Great company to work with
Mame Fitzpatrick
Mame Fitzpatrick
September 16, 2022
I was completely exasperated with my lawn. After spending more than i ever have, it was the worst it looked. I called Lawngevity on a referral from someone at Ace hardware. The owner Tim came out, and i asked him for the bottom line bad news of cost for total lawn care next summer. He gave me 3options, starting with me trying again with all the products I purchased.. and sending me a schedule if how and when at NO CHARGE! Or could bring me products and schedule at LOW COST, or their full service (which i might opt for) that was STILL mor cost effective than any other lawn service ive tried. Tim has my business for life!!
Mike Henry
Mike Henry
April 24, 2021
One year I tried to save money and didnt use lawgevity, that was a bug mistake. My yard looks so beautiful when they are in charge. Just had lawngevity guy finish applying a treatment. He took the time to ring the bell and show me some things and tell me when to water and how long. I love having lawngevity take care of my yard.
Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor
March 16, 2021
My lawn has never been more beautiful and healthy! Thank you Lawn Gevity 🌷