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Lawngevity has administered over 500,000 lawn applications across the Wasatch Front.

We provide excellent lawn care in the form of fertilization, weed control, insect control, and lawn disease control.

1. Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawngevity customizes every application to your lawn, ensuring it’s getting the nutrients and weed control it needs. This service includes:

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Morning Glory

Benefits of Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilizer is necessary for the proper growth and nutrition of your grass. Lawngevity applies nutrient-rich fertilizers that keep your grass green and healthy without scorching it. 

In addition to nourishing the grass, it’s essential to stave off the weeds that want to steal resources from what you’ve intentionally planted. Weeds are any plant that crowds the growth of your other plants, and they have the potential to kill your lawn if they take over. You can increase the health and visual aesthetic of your yard with our grass services that help kill off weeds or prevent them in the first place. Give your desired vegetation room to grow and flourish with Lawngevity’s fertilization and weed control program.

2. Lawn Insect Control

In different areas and at different times of the year, you may face battles with many common pests. Lawngevity can help curb the problem.

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Sod webworms create a need for lawn service.
Sod Webworm
White Grub
Army Worm

Benefits of a Bug-Free Lawn

It isn’t any wonder that the bugs crawl into your home from your lawn. Grass, however healthy it is, can be a breeding ground for unwanted insects such as ants or spiders. With Lawngevity insect control, you can be preemptive about pest control and see mitigation of bugs both inside and outside your home.

Our team of Utah lawn care experts is trained and licensed, aware of the best places to strategically apply pesticide solutions. Our goal is to keep your lawn healthy and free of bugs. In addition to pest control specific to lawns, we also offer foundation insect control services.

3. Lawn Disease Control

Is your lawn plagued by brown or grey spots? What about white powder or rusty spots on individual blades of grass? You might have a fungus that needs to be eradicated. Let Lawngevity help!

Necrotic Ring Spot
Fairy Ring
Gray & Pink Snow Mold

Benefits of Providing Disease Control

It may surprise some that grass, like any other living thing, is susceptible to fungus and disease, either of which can harm and ultimately kill the turf. There are several threats to your lawn that require proper prevention and treatment measures so it doesn’t spread. The Utah grass services provided by Lawngevity are specifically designed to control lawn disease and eliminate brown patches in your yard.

What Customers Are Saying About Lawngevity

“[Lawngevity] has always been on time, friendly, professional, and completely reliable… They have always been respectful to our animals and have let us know when they were coming so we could keep our animals inside… This is one company I highly recommend.”
“They are prompt. They will call you to let you know when they will be there. They also leave a note when they leave. They have done a good job and they are reliable. Their prices are competitive.”
“I have used Lawngevity for many years. Each year I sign up for 7 applications for lawn control and 1 application in the fall for spider spray for the foundation. They always contact me to let me know when they will be here. I am very happy with their service and it helps keep my lawn looking good.”

Lawngevity Provides Superior Insect Control and Grass Service in Utah

If you’re looking for professional lawn and pest care services in Utah, look to Lawngevity. We have been providing lawn care services to Utah properties since 1988. Additionally, we offer a Do It Yourself Program if you’d like to apply the fertilizer, pre-emergent, and weed control yourself.