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At Lawngevity, we are committed to providing the best possible lawn care service around. But wanting to be the best doesn’t make it so. That’s why we use the best tools and the best techniques, gleaned from years of experience, to care for your lawn. From our grass fertilizer to insecticides, to tree and shrubbery treatments, we hold ourselves to the highest standard — your standard. However, desire and experience only account for a portion of what makes for the best lawn service; cost is also a factor. At Lawngevity, we price competitively and always have special offers on hand to make sure you are getting the best deal in town. Your yard deserves a long life, and Lawngevity will see it done. Take a closer look at the types of services we offer below.

weed control

Lawn Weed & Feed

Any property owner knows that weeds can quickly become the kiss of death for a lush, healthy yard if gone untreated. While effective on their own, our weed treatment solutions work wonders when used in conjunction with our grass fertilizers, and are guaranteed to help your yard stay vibrant and weed-free. A good weed-killing solution is only half the battle though. Our experienced professionals will be sure to schedule your applications in a timely manner until the problem has been rectified, leaving you with a healthy, green lawn.

insect control

Foundation Insect Control

Bugs can quickly wreak havoc on a variety of plant life on your property; wood and bark can become hollow and weak, leaves and flowers can become infected, and a garden’s whole harvest can be lost to hungry communities of insectoid diners. A main focus of our comprehensive lawn service is protecting your yard from such pests — not only in order to keep your family and greenery healthy but that of your neighbors as well. Our licensed team of professionals will come spray your yard seven times per year to keep insects out of your yard, and consequently, out of your hair.

tree and shrub care

Tree & Shrub Care

Our lawn service is performed by licensed professionals and insured applicators, so you know your yard is getting the best treatment around. Caring for your lawn is more than just making sure the grass is green though. We schedule applications of our fertilizer every four to six weeks to ensure your trees and shrubbery grow beautiful and bug-free. With Lawngevity, you can expect a healthy growing season for your entire yard.

Vegetation Control

Perhaps the most conspicuous sign of a healthy yard is the state of the lawn, and there are so many types of vegetation to be aware of when you’re a homeowner. Our team of experienced professionals has seen it all, from quackgrass to crabgrass and everything in between. If you are noticing that the lawn is not looking healthy or normal, no matter how you care for it, it could be that the yard has become infected with some sort of vegetation, and needs to be dealt with by our team. Our experience will help us know what type of grass fertilizer to use, and how often to apply it.

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Insect & Disease Control

You work hard on your yard but occasionally your efforts are thwarted when conditions align to create an environment ripe for disease. Early and late Spring is the optimal time to spray your yard for disease control. In doing so, it will help your lawn to stay free of those pesky diseases that will take away from your yard’s vibrant state. Our team of professionals is ready to help you protect your yard from falling victim to disease.