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Summer on the Horizon: Preparing Your Lawn for Warmer Months

Mowing the lawn in the summer months.

Summer in Utah– the mountains beckon, the backyard calls for barbecues, and long sunny days promise endless outdoor fun. But those glorious long days and dry weather can take their toll on your lawn. With Lawngevity by your side, you can have a resilient and vibrant lawn that thrives all summer. Let’s dive into the essential tips to keep your green space looking its best in the warmer months.

Watering: The Lifeline of Your Lawn

Proper watering is the cornerstone of a healthy lawn, especially in arid climates like ours. Here’s the key to getting it right:

  • Watering Varies: Every lawn is different, varying in soil type and sprinkler setup. For a healthy lawn, aim to provide about 1 to 1½ inches of water per week. Adjust watering as needed with rising temperatures. Remember, if the grass looks brown, put more water down. 
  • Early Bird Gets the…Healthy Lawn: Early morning watering is crucial. You’ll lose less water to evaporation, allowing more moisture to reach the roots.
  • Pay Attention to Mother Nature: Adjust your watering schedule based on the weather. If it is a rainy week, you can hold off and save water. If an extreme heat wave is forecasted, you might need an extra deep soak.

Mowing Matters: More Than Just Appearances

Mowing isn’t simply about keeping the lawn tidy; it directly impacts its health and resilience during summer. Here’s how:

  • Let It Grow (A Little): During the summer months, keep your grass at a slightly taller height (3-3.5 inches). Taller grass shades the soil, preventing moisture loss and promoting deeper root growth.
  • Cool Evening Cuts: Mowing in the cooler evening reduces stress on grass blades that are already working hard in the heat. Remember, stressed grass is more vulnerable to pests and disease.
  • Sharp Blades Are a Must: Sharp mower blades deliver a clean cut, whereas dull blades tear the grass, leaving it ragged and prone to damage.

Fertilization: Feeding Your Lawn Responsibly

Summer calls for a lighter approach to keep your lawn healthy without encouraging excessive growth.

  • Slow Release is Key: Opt for a slow-release fertilizer that provides nutrients over time, preventing growth surges.
  • Less is More: A light summer fertilizer application is usually sufficient. Too much fertilizer stresses your lawn and makes it more susceptible to problems.
  • Water is Your Friend: Always water your lawn after applying fertilizer to help feed the grass. If your fertilizer includes weed control, follow the instructions on the label. For our product, we recommend allowing the weed control to sit overnight before watering in the application.

Weed Wars: Keeping Your Lawn Invader-Free

Weeds steal water and nutrients from your hard-working grass. Stay vigilant in the fight against them:

  • The Early Bird Catches the Weed: Hand-pulling young weeds is the most effective way to stop them from establishing a foothold.
  • Targeted Treatment: If herbicides are needed, use spot treatments to minimize chemical use.
  • Prevention Pays Off: A pre-emergent herbicide in early spring acts as a barrier to prevent summer weed seeds from germinating.

Beyond the Basics: Extra Tips for a Summer-Loving Lawn

  • Core Aeration: This lawn care process relieves soil compaction, enhancing water penetration and nutrient uptake. For best results, aerate in spring or early summer.
  • Beware of Grubs: Keep an eye out for signs of grub damage. Early summer treatment is crucial to stop these pests from destroying your root system.

Let Lawngevity Be Your Lawn Care Partner

These tips will help you achieve a beautiful lawn, but for the ultimate in care, let Lawngevity be your partner. We understand the unique challenges of the Utah climate and tailor our solutions to your lawn’s specific needs. Contact us today and let our team create a healthy and vibrant lawn you can be proud of!

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