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Murray Tree and Shrub Spray

Are your trees and shrubs facing issues? Get assistance from Lawngevity.

Considering the tremendous benefits trees provide us, it is only fair that we take care of them as much as they take care of us. With Lawngevity’s consistent maintenance and expert tree care, we’ll keep your trees healthier than ever. Our dedicated team will ensure that your trees continue to grace your yard with their beauty for years to come. Trust us to provide the care and attention your trees deserve.

Tree and Shrub Spray in Murray, Utah

Lawngevity uses a specialized formula to optimize the growth of your trees and shrubs, ensuring they’re at their healthiest. Our comprehensive service covers various seasonal conditions, which includes:

We apply Dormant Oil Spray to prevent insect infestation and suffocate overwintering eggs.

We apply Insect and Disease Control to minimize the impact of existing infections or infestations.

Rejuvenate the ground and nourish trees and shrubs with Deep Root Fertilization before the winter frost.

In addition to seasonal maintenance, you’ll also receive:

See estimates for tree and shrub spray pricing HERE.

Aspen Leaf Spot

Advantages of Tree and Shrub Treatment

Girl playing in tree-filled yard with a dogThe presence of lush and verdant foliage on your property is a delightful treat that brings forth numerous benefits, some more subtle than others. Naturally, having trees enhances the environment and adds aesthetic charm to a home, but did you know that it also boosts your property value?

Well-maintained trees can increase the selling price of residential properties by an impressive 7-10%. Similarly, commercial lots adorned with mature vegetation can fetch a premium of 18-20%. Even rental properties such as apartments and office buildings can command higher rents simply by virtue of having beautiful trees in their surroundings. 

Plus, consider the health benefits of greenery! Trees have been scientifically proven to:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce feelings of discontentment

If these reasons alone aren’t enough to emphasize the importance of preserving the vitality of your plant life, we’re not sure what else could.

Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs

In Murray, Utah, the climate is primarily characterized as dry, semi-arid, and desert. It is crucial to ensure that trees and shrubs receive sufficient water to thrive.

Did you know that when it comes to water usage prioritization, trees are at the top of the list? During times of drought, if you need to limit watering, it’s best to let your lawn go dormant and focus on providing sufficient water to your trees and shrubs from June through October.

To help your trees and shrubs retain moisture, consider applying a layer of 2-4 inches of mulch around their bases, while ensuring there is space around the trunk.

Tree Trimming and Spraying Services in Murray, Utah

At Lawngevity, we understand that maintaining the health of your trees involves more than just watering and soil care. Two essential services we provide include tree trimming and tree spraying, both of which contribute significantly to overall tree health.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is essential to both the growth and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. By removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches early, you’re less likely to have insect infestations or diseases in the tree.

Regular tree trimming also stimulates healthy growth and maintains the tree’s structure, reducing the risk of branch failures and the damage that can come from it. Our certified arborists can take care of tree trimming in a safe, effective manner without sacrificing the looks of your trees.

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying is an effective method of pest control, directly targeting harmful insects and diseases that may affect your trees and shrubs. Our method of tree spraying in Salt Lake City, Utah, incorporates the use of curated, eco-friendly sprays that are not only safe for your trees but also for the surrounding areas. Regular tree spraying serves as a vital preventive measure, helping safeguard your trees from potential infestations and promoting their overall health.
For more information or to schedule a tree service, call us today. Trust in Lawngevity’s expertise to take care of your tree and shrub care needs.

What Customers Are Saying About Lawngevity

Melissa White
Melissa White
April 19, 2024
Kevin was very professional and knowledgeable. Great company.
Sandi Olson
Sandi Olson
March 20, 2024
They have taken care of our lawn for many years. They always do a great service!
John E. Ferran
John E. Ferran
February 17, 2024
They always respond to my request and have helped with any issues I have had
Richard Nance
Richard Nance
October 14, 2023
Lawngevity has been caring for our yards for 2 homes and over 5 years. They just remind it's time to spray and set up, drive over, and keep our lawn green and growing on our scheduled times available. Apparently our lawn has started getting toadstools. Lawngevity will fix that
Bryce Drysdale
Bryce Drysdale
October 4, 2023
Came to the door and was very nice. love how our lawn looks. we get comments all the time of how nice our lawn looks
Coach Reg
Coach Reg
April 26, 2023
We've used Lawngevity for many years because of the reliable and professional work performed each year. Our lawn is always weed-free, green, and healthy. The prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend using Lawngevity for your lawn care needs.
Catherine Foster
Catherine Foster
February 13, 2023
Lawngevity was amazing! For years we had incredible problems with dandelions and dead spots that required intense manual corrective care. Within the first year of using Lawngevity, we had only a handful of weeds and a more evenly nourished lawn. After the second year, all lawn care was a breeze — even with the intense Utah heat. I appreciated their techs respect of our property and timeliness and communication of services. We were just tenants of the rental property but really felt proud to take care of our lawn with Lawngevity!
Mame Fitzpatrick
Mame Fitzpatrick
September 16, 2022
I was completely exasperated with my lawn. After spending more than i ever have, it was the worst it looked. I called Lawngevity on a referral from someone at Ace hardware. The owner Tim came out, and i asked him for the bottom line bad news of cost for total lawn care next summer. He gave me 3options, starting with me trying again with all the products I purchased.. and sending me a schedule if how and when at NO CHARGE! Or could bring me products and schedule at LOW COST, or their full service (which i might opt for) that was STILL mor cost effective than any other lawn service ive tried. Tim has my business for life!!

Lawngevity Provides Superior Tree and Shrub Care in Murray

For top-notch tree and shrub maintenance services in Murray, Utah, turn to Lawngevity. With over three decades of experience, our team of experts has been delivering exceptional lawn care, tree care, and pest control services to properties across Utah since 1988.

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