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Fertilizing Your Lawn 101

bag of lawn fertilizer

Watering and fertilizing your lawn is all about scheduling. Timing your sprinklers to go on at the same time each day is a good practice to keep your lawn green and healthy. In Utah, our summers have been getting hotter

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

lawn aeration machine

The basics of lawncare are pretty simple. Your lawn needs sun, water, and fertilizer. However, there’s an extra step that many people either ignore, or simply don’t know how to use to best effect: aeration.  Lawn aeration opens up your

Bugs in Winter? The Answer is Yes!

Beetle crawling on floor of home.

Constant Vigilance! War. War never changes. And when you’re taking care of your lawn in Utah, you might think sometimes that war never ends. That’s because the secret to a healthy, green lawn in Spring, Summer, and Autumn (as well

The 411 on Fertilizer

Role of nutrients in plant life for development.

When it comes to lawn care in a state like Utah, where all four seasons are present and accounted for, and daily weather conditions are always subject to change, good fertilizer and its consistent application are a homeowner’s best friends.