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Pest Control: Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Utah Landscaper spraying pesticide with portable sprayer to eradicate garden weeds

Lawn and yard care, especially in Utah, is no easy task. From fixing and activating the sprinkler system to reviving a dying lawn, to cutting back diseased trees and shrubbery, the property owner’s eternal struggle is in deciding whether they have the time, patience, and expertise to take care of a problem themselves or they need to hire a professional. On top of all that must be done to prepare a yard for the summer﹘and conversely, preparing it for the winter﹘Utah’s weather can be a fickle friend, alternating between pleasant mildness and blazing hot sudden rains, and snowfall, with hardly much warning. 

Perhaps there is no part of property maintenance more susceptible to this back-and-forth debate than pest control. Each year, when the box elder bugs return and the hornets build their nest in the gutter, the question of who will take care of this year’s insects must be confronted again. For those considering the Do-It-Yourself option, there are certain things to consider in order to get the job done properly.

Pest Control For The DIYers

If you’ve never taken on the task of getting rid of your property’s yearly infestation of bugs and mice yourself, there are a few things to mind before rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. 

1. Get to Know Your Pests

This is a crucial step when it comes to pest control because knowing exactly what types of bugs you’re dealing with will determine if this is truly a job that you can do on your own. Simple species like ants, box elders, spiders, earwigs are fine to try and tackle yourself; bed bugs, termites, borers, and any other species that damage your home’s structure should be handled by a professional.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Once you know what type of pest you’re dealing with, you will know what type of equipment you need. Certain insecticides claim to be better for certain types of pests, but there are plenty of common options that take care of many types at once. For basic sprays around the property, a simple canister with a spray nozzle attachment is enough. It’s important to remember to always work with gloves and a mask, and to bring along a ladder if needed.

3. Get Out There Regularly

Whether it’s pest control or gardening, the secret to effective lawn care is to be out there regularly. With insects, in particular, you don’t have to spray every day (and in fact, you shouldn’t) but you will need to put yourself on a schedule to reapply the insecticide every few weeks. Typically, a professional team will come out for multiple sessions to the tune of about six sprays a season. 

Pest Control For The Professionals

If the task of doing everything yourself seems too daunting, that’s okay! Professional companies such as Lawngevity exist for a reason, and that is to spare their clients the headache of having to take on such a task when they might not have the time or knowledge required to actually be effective. When shopping for a pest control specialist, it’s important to remember a few tips.

1. Ask For Warranties

A good lawn care company will have certain warranties to cover the client in case their treatments are completely effective. If the bugs aren’t totally taken care of, the company should be willing to return until the job is completed.

2. Set Up a Schedule

Remember how we said that DIYers need to be willing to take up the spray canister a few times a season? Ensuring that your professional hires do the same is essential. Luckily, the team at Lawngevity factor in repeat visits to a cost-effective bundle.

3. Allow For a Full Inspection

Sometimes property owners simply don’t know what to look for. A professional pest control expert can do a quick sweep of the home, both inside and out, to ensure no telltale signs of a larger problem. 

Lawn care is a big investment, but ultimately worthwhile in keeping the property value, and the spirits of those who live and work there, high. For any questions regarding the upkeep of healthy greenery, the experts of Lawngevity can provide the answers. Just give us a call and we can get started today. 

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