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How to Make the Most Out of Your Front Lawn

gorgeous green front lawn

Before purchasing your own home, you probably rented a place with a smaller front yard that didn’t take too ‘much upkeep; in fact, you probably spent more of your time worrying about maximizing the space for outdoor use—and having to practically squeeze your family and friends onto a small concrete patio—than you ever had to spend decorating. And now, after several years of saving, you’ve finally been able to purchase a home of your own—only now, the property you’ve picked up is offering you the opposite problem: more space than you know what to do with. 

While the extra space is more than welcome at the moment, beginning your redesign, might feel pretty overwhelming; it might even be difficult to envision the possibilities for landscaping fixtures that will show off a larger area. If you don’t have the ability to spend hours every week taking care of your landscaping (or if you’re unable to pay someone to do it for you), you’ll be much better served by choosing low-maintenance options for your yard. 

Easy-care landscaping features allow you to beautify your yard and create usable spaces while also having more time to enjoy these outdoor living areas. Read on for some tips on creating eye-catching landscaping ideas that utilize high-quality materials that will make your front yard exciting as it is inviting. 

Patio Pals

There’s nothing better than knocking back a few cold drinks with your guests after a long day of work (even Zoom meetings can get pretty exhausting after a while), so why not build a paver stone patio in your yard? All you’ll need is a paver base, leveling sand, gravel, and a landscape border trim. Figure out exactly how big you’ll want your patio to be, use some stakes and string to frame the border, and the paver stone placement, then get ready to dig it out. The digging can be labor-intensive, but once you’re ready to level out, tamp down your sand, and then add your paver stones—trimmed by beautiful, eye-popping gravel—you’ll have a landscaping fixture that stands out while you and your friends take a seat.

How Much Wood, Would Some Wood Chips Chuck?

If you’re not quite ready to lay down a patio, it might be worth purchasing materials like gravel, wood chips, and even bark. Not only are they low-maintenance, but they can also show off your front yard—in fact, nothing says “curated and well-tended” like a weed-free, mulched set of garden beds. Not only are they beautiful, but they also offer some horticultural benefits, like helping the soil retain more moisture.

Driveway, Walkway, Your Way

Even if the previous owner of your home decided on a concrete or asphalt driveway if you’re considering upgrading one that’s cracked and unappealing after years of use, then using gravel is a low-maintenance option—and our ¾ inch crushed gravel is a perfect choice. Not only is it durable, but its availability in a multitude of shades will inspire you to increase your home’s curb appeal. And why stop at driveways? Gravel path walkways will warmly lead your guests right to your door.

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