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How Your Lawn Affects Your Home’s Value

First impressions, they say, last longer. Homeowners need to know that the property landscape might affect the selling value when it comes to selling their homes.

A good landscape design can influence potential buyers’ first impression and contribute up to 20% to your home’s value. So, it’s no longer a surprise that a poor exterior decision can have the opposite effect. 

When preparing to sell your house, it is essential to consider features (including bad material choices, poor planning, lack of cohesive project) that might negatively affect your prospects.

Approaching landscaping with a plan will help you maximize your selling potential. 

8 Ways Your Lawn Can Affect Your Home Value

  1. Outdoor Water Features:

A large water feature could pull down and negatively affect your home value by $3000 – $10,000, depending on how it is pumped into the garden and its size.

Although they’re great for attracting birds, bees, and butterflies, some home buyers view water features as more maintenance work and want it gone if they purchase the house.

  1. Artificial Grass:

Artificial grass offers low maximum maintenance. All it requires is a simple laying down; then, you can forget about costly maintenance till it wears out.

But this scares away many potential home buyers, especially those with kids that need a playground.

Also, a replacement costs an average of $3.50 per square foot, which makes buyers want to avoid taking it.

An estimate found that sellers could see a 5% reduction in the home sale value once the garden has artificial grass.

  1. Weeds and Overgrowth:

An unkempt garden that hasn’t been given regular mowing, pruning, and annual mulch application could cost you 1 to 2% off your asking price.

Overgrowth of grass, shrubs, weeds, and trees can negatively affect your home’s value and turn off those who wouldn’t like to do much work, particularly first-time home buyers and young couples.

  1. Excess Trees:

Although the idea of living in a home with big beautiful trees can seem picturesque, a forest-like landscape might reduce your home’s value.

Many trees close to the house’s footprints expose you to storm damage and lack of open space for families with kids, which is a drawback.

Other things you might need to avoid are dying or dead trees and poorly arranged ones, either so close to the home or other trees, fences, or shrubbery.

  1. Cracked Walls and Broken Fence Panels:

Good fences maximize home values. They are beneficial for setting boundaries for kids, keeping our pets in and other animals out, and offering privacy and seclusion.

Because they are costly to build, repair, or replace, most home hunters look for a property with an unbroken fence panel.

In addition, research shows that cracked walls or broken fence panels can deduct $1,000 from a home’s value.

So, it is advisable to fix that fence first if you’re looking to sell your home.

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  1. Personalized Niche Landscape Design:

We understand that you love gnomes. And you’ve probably collected a lot of them over the years that fetchingly peeks out from every niche.

While your family and friends endure or encourage your taste, some homebuyers can be a little cold-hearted.

Too many personalized touches on your home can be a big turnoff for buyers who want to develop the yard to meet their tastes.

  1. Poor Drainage:

Poor drainage systems on your property can lead to safety risks and a suffering landscape that affects home value.

Stagnant water can make a yard difficult to use and attract mosquitoes and similar pests. It’s normal for any yard to look swampy after heavy rains; however, it’s time to look for yard drainage solutions if you regularly discover stagnant water.

  1. Overdoing Lawn Ornament:

A quirky lawn ornament, even a well-placed one, won’t affect your home’s value. But, a whole menagerie of animal statues can defame your landscape and give it an unkempt feel.

The same also applies to too much color. Asides from one or two ornaments, leave the shades of color to the flowers and a few well-placed outdoor bench pillows.


Whether you’re ready to sell your home now or sometime in the future, keep in mind that your home’s lawn can improve or affect your home’s value.

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