hand removes weed from garden

With summer in full swing, you’re probably noticing the problem spots in your yard. Despite your best efforts this spring, weeds may have found a way into your lawn and flower beds. If preventative measures didn’t prove 100% successful, we have some tips for tackling weeds in flower beds before they get out of control.

Weeds in Your Flower Beds? Here’s What You Should Do.

Sometimes prevention just isn’t enough to keep weeds at bay. But don’t let that discourage you; we have tips for home lawn care that will help your flowers stand out and get the attention they deserve.

Tips for Removing Weeds from Flower Beds

While it’s tempting to reach for weed killer, try these natural lawn care suggestions for removing weeds from your flower beds.

  • Don’t disturb the soil. Believe it or not, but sometimes tilling or disturbing your garden soil promotes weed growth. So while digging through the soil to remove every last bit of an existing weed is tempting, it can actually give dormant weed seeds the light and nutrients they need to sprout their way to the surface. When pulling weeds that are crowding your flowers, just aim to get the head and roots of that particular plant with as little disturbance to the soil as possible.
  • Weed when wet. There’s probably nothing more satisfying than tugging at the base of a weed and seeing its entire root system come out of the ground. One tip for removing weeds is to do so when the ground is wet. After sprinklers or rain, it’s much easier to pull the whole plant from the soil, which is key to preventing the weeds from regerminating.
  • Hoe when dry. Another option for tackling weeds in flower beds is to use a sharp hoe when the plants are dry. The hoe can chop weed heads and leaves from the stems and the remaining plant should shrivel up in the heat. For best results, be sure to hoe the weed stem slightly below the dirt’s surface.
  • Behead weeds. In a pinch, beheading weeds can be another way to eradicate them from your garden. While not as efficient as fully removing the weed, it can at least prevent the spread of seeds. Use a sharp pair of pruning scissors to behead as many weeds as you can find, and be sure to collect the heads and dispose of them.

Weed and Feed Services

When it comes to your lawn, we can help! Our services include weed and feed to keep grass green and inviting all summer lawn. You can do it yourself, or have our professionals administer lawn care services in timed applications. Give us a call today to see how we can help you make your lawn the oasis you deserve.