gloved hand holds lawn fertilizer

We all learned that the three most essential ingredients for plants are soil, water, and sunshine in elementary school. It’s true that with adequate amounts of each of these ingredients, your grass can survive, but to thrive, it needs a fourth component: fertilizer.

Fertilizer is food to grass that thickens the root system. This makes it more resistant to elements like cold and heat, as well as foot traffic, mowing, insects, and more stressors common to the Salt Lake City area. While you can throw down fertilizer at any time of the summer and see some positive effects, the best strategy involves good timing and the right ingredients. Here’s what you need to know.

Fertilize in Four Applications

 According to Utah’s best grass fertilizer companies, you’ll want to apply fertilizer four times per year. If you live in a warmer part of the state, you may want to add a fifth application, but most Salt Lake City area residents need just four applications for the best results. Here’s the best timing for your applications:   

  • Early Spring: This is the time of year that your lawn is hungriest after a full winter of dormancy. Wait until the snow is gone, and your grass is starting to green up and grow. In Salt Lake City, the first application of fertilizer will usually occur between March and April, about the time your lawn needs its first mowing.
  • Late Spring: About six to eight weeks after your early spring feeding, it’s time for a second fertilization. Sometime between April and June, your grass will have used up much of the stored energy from your first feeding and it will need more food. This feeding is especially important because it’s a critical time for grass growth.
  • Summer: We all know how hot Salt Lake City summers can get! The heat can be tough on grass, especially during drought years. Using a yard fertilization service between June and August can be integral to keeping thick, healthy grass all summer long. It will strengthen your root system and make it more resistant to insects, heat, and foot traffic.
  • Fall: You’ll want another lawn spraying of fertilizer around six to eight weeks after your summer application. This is another essential application that will help your grass prepare for dormancy. If you want it to come back stronger than ever in the spring, giving it the proper food sometime between August and November is vital!

 For Best Results, Call a Professional

 While you can apply fertilizer on your own with the right tools and an army of YouTube videos, you’ll get the best results by hiring a lawn service. Salt Lake City is home to many quality grass fertilization companies, but for customer service, care, and attention that you can’t beat, contact us at Lawngevity. As our name implies, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to help your grass live up to its full potential. Contact us today!